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Updated 3 August 2012

Air Trade Badges

Throughout the Arrow pages, I've used some of the Air Force Trade badges in the graphics. These badges are representative of of the post "Unification" Air Element of the Canadian Forces. Some of the badges I have shown are no longer used as trades have been amalgamated together over the years, trades and qualifications received new badges or have been dropped. Some badge images are missing, which I hope to add at a later date.
Below are the badges with Trade MOCs in brackets behind the trade name.

I originally had a link to the Canadian Forces web pages for more information on the badges and insignia however the links are now dead and I have not been able to find replacement links: (National Defence Materiel Badges and Insignia)/(National Materiel Insignes -Insignes de Grade).

Current Trades and Badges (with former Trades and Badges)
Qualification Badges
Officer Trades and Badges
Obsolete Badges

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Current Trades
& Badges
Former Trades & Badges

Flight Engineer (065-091) DEU
Flight Engineer (065-091) Flying
Flight Engineer
Airborne Electronic Sensor Op (081) DEU
Airborne Electronic Sensor Op (081) Flying
Airborne Electronic Sensor Op (081 )
Intelligence Operator (111) DEU
Intelligence Operator (111)
Meteorolgical Tech (121) DEU
Meteorological Tech (121)
Search and Rescue Tech (131) DEU
earch and Rescue Tech (131) Flying
Search and Rescue Tech (131)
Para Rescue DEU - obsolete
Para Rescue
Aerospace Control Op (168) DEU
Aerospace Control Op (168)
Air Defence Tech (171) DEU
Air Defence Tech (171)
Teletype Operator (212) DEU
Teletype Operator (212)
Aircraft Structures (565) DEU
Aircraft Structures (565)
Metals Tech (561) DEU
Metals Tech (561)
Machinist (562) DEU
Machinist (562 )
Refinisher Tech (563) DEU
Refinisher Tech (563)
ATIS Tech (226) DEU
ATIS Tech (226)
Radio Tech (221) Terminal Equipment Tech (222)
Tel Tech (223) Communications Tech (224)
Radar Tech (231) DEU
Radar Tech (231)
Aviation Tech (514) DEU
Aviation (514)
Aero Engine Tech (511) Airframe Tech (512) DEU
Airframe Tech (512)
Aviation Tech (514) DEU
Aviation Tech (513)
Safety Systems Tech (531) DEU
Safety Systems (531)
Air Weapons System Tech (572) DEU
Air Weapons System Tech (572)
Avionics Avs Tech (526) DEU
Avionics AVS (526)
Integral Systems Tech (521) DEU
Integral Sys Tech (521)
Comm And Radar Systems Tech (524) DEU
Comm and Radar Systems Tech (524)
Avionics Tech (525) DEU
Avionics Tech (525)
Instrument Electrical Tech (551) DEU
Instrument Electrical (551)
Air Weapons System Tech (572) DEU
Air Weapons System Tech (572)
Non Destructive Testing Tech (532) DEU
Non Destructive Testing Tech (532)
Photographic Tech (541) DEU
Photographic Tech (541)
Construction Engineering Tech (611) DEU
Construction Engineering Tech (611)
Electrical Generating System Tech (622) DEU
Electrical Generating Sys Tech (622)
Electrical Generating System Tech (643) DEU
Electrical Generating Sys Tech (643)
Refrigeration and Mechanical Tech (641) DEU
Refrigeration and Mechanical Tech (641)
Refrigeration and Mechanical tech (621) DEU
Refrigeration and Mechanical Tech (621)
Electrical Distribution Tech (642) DEU
Electrical Distribution Tech (642)
Electrician (614) DEU
Electrician (614 )
Plumbing and Refrigeration Tech (646) DEU
Plumbing and Heating Tech (646)
Plumber Gas Fitter (613) DEU
Plumber Gas Fitter (613)
Stationary Engineer (623) DEU
Stationary Engineer (623)
Eater Fuel Environment Tech (647) DEU
Water, Fuel, Environment Tech (647)
Water Sewer Pollution (624) DEU
Water, Sewer, Pollution (624)
Construction Tech (648) DEU
Construction Tech (648)
Structures Trade (612) DEU
Structures Trade (612)
Construction Engineer (649) DEU
Construction Engineer (649)
Construction and Maintenance Tech (615) DEU
Construction and Maintenance Tech (615)
Mechanical Systems Tech (625) DEU
Mechanical Systems Tech (625)
Firefighter (651) DEU
Fire Fighter (651)
Military Police (811) DEU
Military Police (811)
Resource Management Clerk (836) DEU
Resource Management Support Clerk (836)
Construction Enginering Proc (631) DEU
Construction Engineering Proc (631)
Administartion Clerk (831) DEU
Admin Clerk (831)
Finance Clerk (841) DEU
Finance Clerk (841)
Cook (861) DEU
Cook (861)
Steward (862) DEU
Steward (862)
Musician (871) DEU
Musician (871)
Supply Tech (911) DEU
Supply Tech (911)
Traffic Tech (933) DEU
Traffic Tech (933)
Mobile Support Equipment (935) DEU
Mobile Support Equipment (935)

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Qualification Badges D.E.U. Flying
Aeromedical Evacuation Aeromed Evacutaion DEU Aeromed Evacuation Flying
Airborne Warning Airborne Warning DEU Airborne Warning Flying
Astronaught Astronaught DEU  
Flight Crew Flight Crew DEU Flight Crew Flying
Flight Surgeon Flight Surgeon DEU Flight Surgeon Flying
Flight Test Engineer Flight Test Engineer DEU Flight Test Engineer Flying
Loadmaster Loadmaster DEU Loadmaster Flying
Tactical Helicopter Observer Tactical Helicopter Observer DEU Tactical Helicopter Observer Flying

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Officer Trades & Badges D.E.U. Flying
Navigator (31) Navigator (31) DEU Navigator (31) Flying
Pilot (32) Pilot (32) DEU Pilot (32) Flying
Aerospace Controller (39) Aerospce Controller (39) DEU  
Aerospace Engineer (41) Aerospace Engineer (41) DEU  
Command Electronics (42) Command Electronics (42) DEU  
Air Weapons Control (64) Air Weapons Control (64) DEU  
Public Affairs (66) Public Affairs (66) DEU  
Legal (67) Legal (67) DEU  
Personnel Administration (68) Personnel Administration (68) DEU  
Personnel Section (72) Personnel Selection (72) DEU  
Training and Development (74) Training and Development (74) DEU  
Musician (75) Music (75) DEU  
Security (81) Security (81) DEU  
Intelligence (82) Intelligence (82) DEU  
Logistics Logistics DEU  

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Obsolete Badges
Air Traffic Control (63) DEU - obsolete
Air Traffic Control (63)  (Officer)
Air Traffic Controller (161) DEU - obsolete
Air Traffic Controller (161) (NCO)
Loadmaster DEU - obsolete
Load Master (Qualification)
Para Rescue - obsolete
Para Rescue (Qualification)
PERI (53) DEU - obsolete
PERI (53) (Officer)
PERI (851) DEU - obsolete
PERI (851) (NCO)

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