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The Players

Government, R.C.A.F., & The Public
A.V. Roe Canada
Orenda Engines Limited
Sub Contracted Companies
Avro and Orenda's Employees

Government, R.C.A.F., & The Public

John Bassett, PC CC OOntTo Wikipedia webpage icon, a prominent Toronto Tory
W/C John R.D. Braham, DSO DFC AFC CD, To Wikipedia webpage icon, A/DADR
G/C Ed P. Bridgland, CAS staff member
June CallwoodTo Wikipedia webpage icon, Journalist
A/M Hugh Campbell, CBE CD To Wikipedia webpage icon, Chief of Air Staff
Ralph Campney, Minister of National Defence
V/A Harry D. DeWolf, CBE DOS DSC CD, To Wikipedia webpage icon, Chief of Naval Staff
John G. DiefenbakerTo Wikipedia webpage icon, Prime Minister
A/V/M J. Easton
G/C Ray Foottit
Gen Charles Foulkes, CC CB CBE DSO CD, To Wikipedia webpage icon, Chiefs of Staff
Blair Fraser, political analyst
Joe Gibson, CBC Newsman
David Golden, Deputy Minister DPP
L/G Howard D. Graham, OC CVO CBE DSO ED CD, To Wikipedia webpage icon, Chief of General Staff
Howard Green, acting Minister of Defence Production
Paul Hellyer To Wikipedia webpage icon, Liberal M.P.
A/M M.M. Hendrick
C.A. Horne,
Department Defence Production
Jim Hornick, Globe & Mail
G/C J.J. Jordon, DFS
Herb Knott, Private Photographer
M.S. "Mac" Kuhring, Head of engineering Lab, NRC and Interim Curator NAM
Sam Lax
G/C Abe Lieff
McDonald, Secretary of the US Air Force
Roland Michener, PC CC CMM OOnt Qc FRHSC(hon), To Wikipedia webpage icon, House Speaker
A/V/M Frank Miller, CC CBE CD, To Wikipedia webpage icon, Deputy Defence Minister
Raymond O'Hurley, Minister of DPP
Grattan O'Leary, Ottawa Journal journalist
George Pearkes, VC PC CC CB DSO MC CD, To Wikipedia webpage icon, Minister of Defence
Mike "Lester" Pearson, Leader of the Opposition
F/L Norm Ronaason, CEPE Pilot
C. Roy Slemon, CB CBE CD To Wikipedia webpage icon, Chief of the Air Staff
Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds, Chief of the General Staff
D.L. Thompson, Director of the Aircraft Branch, Dept of Defence Production
A/C G.G. Truscott
F/L Jack Woodman, CEPE Pilot
Dr. A. Zimmerman, Head of DRB

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A.V. Roe Canada

Arnold Banks, Line Crew
Stu Barefoot
, Avro Photography
Ken Barnes
, Senior Designer
Cy Beard, Avro Photography
Harry Beffort,
Al Betts, Avro Photography
Pete Bonell, Flight Test Dept
Murray Boyd, Line Crew
F. Brame, Chief of Technical Design
Peter Brown, Avro Photography
Bob Cairns, Wrote the Specifications of the Arrows
Jim ChamberlinTo Wikipedia webpage icon, Chief of Technical Design
Ken Cooke, Engineering
Mike Cooper-Slipper, Chief Test Pilot, Pilot  B-47
Peter Cope, Test Pilot
Art Cowper, Line Crew
D.E. "Red" Darrah,
John Douglas, Contracts Manager
Gordon CrawfordTo Wikipedia webpage icon, President & General Manager
Wilf Farrance, Cockpit Implementation
Dennis Fielder, Engineer
Jim FloydTo Wikipedia webpage icon, VP Engineering
Bill Forester, Line Crew
Jack Gary, Line Crew
Guest Hake, Chief Project Engineer
Ted Harmsworth, Technical Pubs
Dorothy Henry, Technical Pubs
Len Hobbs, Co-Pilot, B-47
Fred Hopkinson, Avro Photography
Ian Higgins, Flight Test Department
John HodgeTo Wikipedia webpage icon, Engineer
C.D. HoweTo Wikipedia webpage icon
Jack Hurst
, Avro Photography
Stan Kwatkowski,
Supervisor, Analog Cockpit Simulator
George Laidlaw, Avro Photography
Ron Lewis, Human Factors Engineer
Robert N. Lindley, Chief Engineer
Bob Levitt, Line Crew
Owen Maynard, Engineer
Hugh MacKechnie, Flight Test photographer
Johnny MacLaughlin, Flight Engineer B-47
Bill McDowell, Avro Photography
Dan Moore, Engineer, (In charge of fuselage centre section)
Joseph A. Morley, VP Sales & Service
Verne Morse, Avro PR Photography
Ron Northcott,  Avro Photography
Ron Nunney, Avro Photography
John L. Plant, President & Gen Manager
Spud Potocki, Test Pilot
Ross Richardson, Engineer, (Designed intakes and front fuselage)
Duke Riggs, V.P. Manufacturing
Harold Roberts, Avro Photography
Tecwyn RobertsTo Wikipedia webpage icon, Engineer
Don Rogers,
John Salmon, Line Crew
Bill Seggie, Line Crew
George Shaw, Mechanical Design Engineer
Frank Shoji, Avro Stress Group
Harry Shipley,
Harvey R. Smith, VP Manufacturing
Fred T. SmyeTo Wikipedia webpage icon, Ex VP Aeronatical Design
Doc Staley, Line Crew
Johnnie Straboe, Line Crew
Granville Stuart, Avro Photography
June Thompson, Technical Pubs
Russ Thompson
John Tory,  Avro Photography
Audrey Underwood, Private Secretary to Crawford Gordon
Murray Willer, Manager AVRO Sales and Service Department, and editor of the AVRO Magazine
Lou Wise, Head of Photography
Jan Zurakowski, Chief Test Pilot

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Orenda Engines Limited

Burt Avery, Chief Design Engineer
Peter Brennan
Syd Britton, Chief Administrative Engineer
Earle Brownridge, Exec VP and GM
P.Y. Dauord,
C.E. Elliot, Contract & Parts Manager
Dolly Ford, Production Control
Marg Fry, Experimental Purchasing Department
Len Goodenough, Photography
Charles A. Grinyer, VP Engineering
Cliff Heckel, Photography
Harry Keast, Assistant Chief Engineer (Technical)
Robert Lindsey, Engineer
Walter R. McLachlan, VP & Gen Manager
Dr. A. Muraszew, Chief Experimental Engineer
Herb Saruanemuto, Engineer
Frank L Trethewey, VP Sales & Service

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Sub Contracted Companies

There were 650 suppliers and sub contractors, 400 Canadian and 250 American

Canadian Sub Contracted Companies
American Sub Contracted Companies

Canadian Sub Contracted Companies

Alcoa, (Forgings)
Canadian Car
Canadair Ltd., Airframe detail, missile airframe, and program coordination
Canadian Westinghouse, (Missile seeker)
Dominion Steel & Coal, Steel Producer
Dowty Equipment, Ajax, ON, (Landing Gear & Hydraulics)
Heroux Machine, (Airframe detail)
Irvin, Fort Erie, ON, (drag chutes)
Jarry Hydraulics, (Landing Gear & Hydraulics)
Nobel, (Partial engines were evaluated)
Queensway Machine Products Ltd (The)To Wikipedia webpage icon
Vickers Hydraulics, (Pumps)

American Sub Contracted Companies

B.F. Goodrich, (deicing boots)
Cornell Aeronautical Labratory, (Now Veridan Engineering), (Wind Tunnel)
Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, U.S., (Development of Flight Controls)
Radio Corporation of America (RCA), U.S., (Electrical Weapon & Navigation System)

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Avro and Orenda's Employees

Last, but not least, the employees of AVRO, Orenda, and their sub-contractors' employees, whose work and dedication ensured that the Arrows were built and flew!

Employees not already listed above

John Connell, Skin Mill Operator
Elwy Yost, CM To Wikipedia webpage icon, Avro Personel Department

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