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Updated 29 Aug 2012


Full size mock-ups of the AVRO Arrow were constructed during various phases for testing component fitting, accessibility, ground testing, etc.

- Wooden aircraft mock-up
- Metal aircraft mock-up
- Dummy engines
- Electrical system test rig
- Cockpit mock-up for pilot visibility during taxiing
- Wooden Pilot's cockpit
- Wooden Observer's cockpit
- Weapons bay mock-up
- Analog Cockpit simulator
- Flight Controls Test bed

Wooden Aircraft Mock-Up

A wooden full scale mock-up of the Arrow was located in the experimental building D-1.  This mock-up had only one wing which was supported by wires from the ceiling. Interior structures were all made of wood with exacting detail.  

When finished as a Mark I mock-up, it was transformed into a Mark II mock-up.

Metal Aircraft Mock-Up

A metal mock-up of the Arrow was required to ensure all production tooled parts fit within tolerance.  The metal mock-up was in AVRO's Bay #1. The metal mock-up was designated as Arrow WWW000.

Cockpit Mock-Up

A cockpit model was built and rigged on a truck to test pilot visibility.  This moving cockpit could be adjusted to various attitudes. One of the problems was at high angles of attack forward visibility decreases quickly.  The aerodynamic front windshield also had distracting cross reflections which was fixed by a thin black central windshield divider, a solution developed by the USAF to fix the same problem encountered with their F102 and F106.

Dummy Engines

A detailed wooden Pratt & Whitney J-75 engine mock-up was utilized to check engine fit and clearances.

 An Iroquios engine mock-up was used with the Mark II aircraft mock-up to check for engine fit. 

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