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Updated 17 May 2012


Canadian Postal Stamp, 5 cent denomination, issued 23 February 1959 to commemorate the Golden Anniversary of Flight, 1909-1959. Three delta winged aircraft behind the Silver Dart look like Arrows. (National Archives of Canada)
  Collectors Prints "Sleeping with the Avro Arrow"
  The Avro Arrow by Rich Thistle (Print)
  Canadian Museum of Flight
Mahogany Aircraft Model - CF-105 Avro Arrow
  Randall Whitcomb - aviation art and art prints, the Avro Arrow
Canadian Shield by Don Connolly - print
  Adanac Aero Desktop Display Models
  Légitime Défense - Self Defense oil and canvas by Pearsons
  Rich Thistle Studio Links
Echelon Arrows Info - © 1999/2000 Suchiu Galleries (Check from home)
  Avro Arrow, 1998. Pencil on paper.
SaggiTaurus Needlecrafts Aviation  - Avro Arrow - CA 001 stitched area 4.35" x 19". 
  Avro CF-105 Arrow. This Avro CF-105 Arrow glass model is constructed using the colours of the prototype aircraft.
Labusch 10" Diameter CF-105 Wall Clock at Ace's Pilot Shop

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