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Updated 17 May 2012


The follow resources were used for research to present the information on the CF105 AVRO Arrow program. Any photos, diagrams, drawings, trademarks, logos belong to their respective owners, including my own personal photos, etc.  If you wish to use my personal photos (marked as such), for use own your own personal web site, or educational project, you may do so, providing you acknowledge me as the copyright owner.

I was never employed in the Arrow program, ( I was only  6 1/2 years old on Black Friday), and I personally do not know any of the personnel who helped design, worked on, or were part of any aspect the Arrow, so please do not email me with questions as to "do I know what happened to so and so", or "do I know what happened to this and that"

  Arrow, The Arrowheads, 1980, 9th printing 1986, The Boston Mills Press, ISBN 0-919822-35-5
  Arrow AVRO (The) CF-105 MK.1 Pilot's Operating Instructions and RCAF Testing/Basing Plans, Forward by Lieutenant Colonel T.F.J Leversedge, 1999, The Boston Mills Press, ISBN 1-55046-310-1

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