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Why do this?

The RACAL RA6778 is a very high performance, low noise military grade receiver that is now occasionly available to civilians. Excellent reviews can be found in Fred Osterman's books and at However, as time passes, there are some serious challenges to maintaining these receivers in operating condition.

What are the good design and construction features?

Choice of front panel or PC control of most features and functions.
Continuous spectrum coverage from 10 KHz to 30 Mhz in 10 Hz increments.
Memory storage of all settings.
Scanning between end points at programmable rate.
All modes CW\SSB\AM\FM operation.
Choice of 7 IF filters from 150 Hz to 8 KHz bandwidth.
Electrical control outputs for antenna selection.
Electrical control outputs for VHF/UHF convertors.
Front panel controls and displays use high quality, long life components.
Die cast chassis is very strong and effective metallic shielding used between all modules.
Conservative design by RACAL such that most modules including the RF and IF sections can be maintained indefinitely.

What are the problems?

The control microcomputer board and the serial interface board are no longer available.
Board level replacement components are long obsolete.

What solution do you offer?

Our newly designed replacement board is now available to meet these challenges. Selection of stable technology will assure availablilty for many years. In addition, programming changes can provide some optional new features that civilian radio operators may find invaluable

How can I tell if my control micro board is bad?

Typically the receiver will only display a few "0's" and also not respond to any front panel controls.